We Are Physician Performance Improvement Institute (PPII).

PPII develops improvement initiatives for physicians and other providers to help them harness their individual performance for improved patient care and to stimulate their participation in building systems that deliver better outcomes.

Improvement in Action.

Using analysis of clinical data and claims information, we develop and administer structured Quality Improvement (QI) and Performance Improvement (PI) activities around healthcare quality, compliance, and patient safety topics. The Institute works with hospitals, physicians, healthcare organizations, insurance companies, pharmaceutical and device manufacturers, medical educators, CME providers, government agencies, and medical schools to identify and close gaps in knowledge, systems, and performance.

We empower participants to continually assess care using evidence-based measures, implement interventions for improvement, reassess to evaluate outcomes, and expand improved processes throughout the clinical setting.

Healthcare Experts.

Our multi-disciplinary Advisory Board is comprised of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, educators, compliance and risk managers, and attorneys. Together we develop and implement quality and performance improvement initiatives.

Need for Improvement.

Providing high quality care is central to the mission and purpose of healthcare providers and all types of health systems.  However, a recent report by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) found that the quality of U.S. health care was virtually stagnant in 2008, “… a disturbing slowdown after a decade of improvement.” The report goes on to state that “improving health care quality would have significant benefits beyond the health care system itself.  NCQA estimates that were all health plans able to perform at the level of the top 10 percent of plans, the U.S. would avoid up to 115,000 deaths and save at least $12 billion in medical costs and lost productivity every year.”

Motivation is Key to Improvement.

PPII employs a variety of strategies to optimize physician engagement in its improvement activities.